147 Color name css files

147 Colors is color names that are defined in the HTML and CSS color specification. The 147 Colors consist of 17 standard, plus 130 colors. The value is color name not HEX value or RGB value, it's easier to use it that way. If you will use color names, the color white value would be "white", not like HEX "#ffffff" or RGB "255,255,255", it's lot easier for beginners to code and understand webdesign colors. Example code bellow.

background-color: white; // Using color names
background-color: "#ffffff"; // Using hex value
background-color: rgb(255,255,255); // Using rgb value

Color Names .CSS Files

I made .css files for color names, that you can use, upgrade, learn or do what ever you want with it. They are included bellow, demo and download link. Basically it's css file full of classes. You can use it to create some design where you need lot of colors or what ever. If you need just some colors, then better define them in you css file your self for better and faster performance. It's easy to use, but it's nothing big. Simple little css file. Bellow example how to use it or take a look at demo. As i said it's nothing big, but for someone maybe useful.

.color-bg.aqua { background: aqua; } // CSS Class
<div class="color-bg aqua"></div>// HTML Element

Useful resources

Here are some links that could be useful for you if you are learning about this or you want to find more information about color names. About 147 Colors Grate website about 147 colors CSS 3 Color names Nice table of color names, hex and rgb values. Color names Another table of color values