Godaddy API error

I tried to implament in one of my projects goddady domain purchase api, but got error:

{"code":"-1073456591","message":"[P3OWGDCOMM001] {gdBasketPurchase.PurchaseBasketXML.1}BasketPurchase has invalid/missing bill_to_email ","name":"ApiError"}

So i searched internet and didn't got any solution for this problem.. so i contacted goddady api support and to by pass this issue you have to use fallowing authorization parametrs:

{ "Accept": "application/json", "Authorization": "sso-key UzQxLikm_46KxDFnbjN7cQjmw6wocia:46L26ydpkwMaKZV6uVdDWe" }

The issue is becouse there are not attached payment method to account for test environment.. but this authorization method has.. (its default goddady authorization params)