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Facebook like box for wordpress

enter image description here Facebook like box for wordpress is plugin that allow you to customize facebook like box easily. This is very useful plugin for websites, communities that use facebook and want to share there facebook page on their website to get more likes on facebook. This is nice plugin, all in one. You can customize every thing you want. There are a lot of features you can do with this plugin. You can change all facebook original features like: title, width, height, color scheme and more. Learn more

Facebook Comments System

enter image description here Facebook Comments System allows you to easily add facebook comments to your wordpress website. Facebook comments allow users to comment on entry using their facebook account. Learn more

Service calculator

enter image description here Service calculator is simple plugin that allows your site visitors to calculate your services prices. Learn more

Back to top advanced

enter image description here Back to top advanced scroll icon that does alot more than scroll. Be original and add it to your website to share your social media profiles, allow users to simply access important features and edit content real time. Includes admin helper features and lot more. Learn more